Ride Sharing. Your Way.
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Who are Ridecircles for?

Circles are for existing social groups

Teams & Clubs

Create a circle for your team and easily organize rides to your events

Employers & Workplaces

Simplify commuting or fleet management by creating a circle

Your Group

There are limitless possibilites. Where have you recently wished your could share a ride with someone?

Why Ridecircles?


It is common that we find ourselves asking why do we drive to that place everyday. Ridecircles are meant for people who commonly go to the same place so it is easy to share.


Ridecircles are for existing social networks: you know each other, and circles can be private or even invisible.


Manage your group with one site: invites, events, messages, and more!

How to use Ridecircles

It is pretty simple.

  • Become a member of Ridecircles.us

    Account identity is important to fellow circle memebers, log in can use Google, Facebook, and more.

  • Join or create circles

    It's easy to do, no ridesharing required, and easy to leave if you choose.

  • Share Rides & Events

    Create events, offer and join rides with a few quick clicks. Find the rides that are most convient for you.

  • Be Happy!

    Enjoy each other's company, save some dough, be kind to the planet, and take a little hassle out of your life - doesn't that make you feel good?